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Ruth Beazley  

Cyril Wilkins   

How to contribute a story or picture

Please send me your text as a word document or your picture as a jpeg.

If you would prefer to send paper based information email me you phone number so I can tell you how to send this by post. 

All information sent will be considered for publication on this website but no guarantee is given that it will be used.


People who contributed photographs and stories and helped with the exhibition, the book and this website.

Maureen Addison, Kieran Argo, D Bailey, Michael Beazley, Brian Robson, Janice Bradley, David Cliff, Jenny Conn, Kathleen Day, Vera Fielder, Bruce Fitzgerald, Keith Hemsley, Anne Kirker, Julian Carr, Alice Emerson, Doreen Fenton, Mary McGow, Julia Ozanne, Justine Prest, Leslie Sunderland, Jean Sutcliffe, Joyce Sladden, Dr Jo Stanley, Hazel Whitely, Cyril Wilkins and  Hans and Anthea Zell.

Video interviews were conducted with the following people

Mary McGuire (in hostel 1930s), Vera Fielder (in hostel 1950s), Jean Sutcliffe (in hostel 1960s), Janice Bradley (in hostel 1970s). Information about the 1920s and 1930s has been obtained from Les Sunderland and letters written to Pauline Millward from Mrs D Bailey and Mrs Kathleen Day, held by the Calderdale Industrial Museum.

Many thanks also go to all other people who have contributed information, stories and offered support. Every attempt has been made to gain permission for the use of the material donated, to give credit and to ensure accuracy.

Thanks are also given for the help and support received from the Calderdale Library service, who nominated the exhibition for the award and The Mill Bank Group.

Ruth Beazley is an artist living in Mill Bank, half a mile from Stansfield Grange. Prior to taking up art in her retirement she had a forty year career in Education and Social Services management.

Cyril Wilkins is a current resident at Stansfield Grange and has volunteered many days to help with research and to set up the web site. Thank you Cyril!

The Women’s History Network is a national association and charity which promotes research, networking for individuals and organisations and provides encouragement to men and women interested in women’s history. It publishes a magazine ‘Women’s History’ and presents annual prizes for a first publication and for a community project. The ‘Triangle Mill Sisters’ project won the community prize in 2014

Accent Group Ltd is a nationally based housing association providing affordable homes and services for over 22,500 households across the UK. The Group (then Bradford and Northern Housing Association) purchased Stansfield Grange on 30 September 1977 and converted the building into thirteen apartments, to provide homes for people who lived and worked in the area.